How and how not to make a great adult webcomic featuring Oglaf


How and how not to make a great adult webcomic featuring Oglaf

This article is not for anyone under 18. It references a Oglaf which is only for those 18+ and another comic which should not be read by anyone ever. I’m serious.

Olaf Doppelgangers

Oglaf is an adult webcomic that has a lot of insane, comical situations. From the jokes to the art everything is well above average from the start. The frantic comedy and fast pace of most stories keep the reader engaged. It’s funny and interesting the entire time through, even if some strips play out like a display of goods from or from a kink site.

Oglaf boy who cried wolf

More than that, the author keeps it exciting by switching to new stories. This is to break up any possible monotony brought on by the main story of the Apprentice and his extremely evil Mistress. Other webcomics would be well suited to follow this example.

Oglaf Fountain of Doubt

But what makes it even better is that the humor doesn’t always have to be sexual. Yes, it will feature strips involving high-quality butt plugs, and no doubt that the sexual tone is a constant feature of the comic, but some of people’s favorite strips are non-sexual with a subtle punch line, like the Fountain of Doubt. It’s an adult webcomic that knows it can be funny in many other ways. If you like the sexual expression in these comics and you might find yourself needing a bit of release but you’re not a fan of hentai as such, is better than any XXX blog.

Oglaf So thirsty

My personal favorite.

Now to my horror and eternal regret, let’s go over Moon Over June. An absolute disaster of bad art from the very beginning, it uses its adult appeal as a crutch. As to who its adult content this appeals to, it is beyond me.

Moon over June 1

We're sorry, we found the least offensive ones we could.

To say the story is slow is to confuse things. The story never starts being interesting and still hasn’t gotten to that point to this day. The most exciting event is them having kids so they can make some more dildo jokes. How wonderfully charming.

Moon over June 2

Sorry but it had to be seen.

There is very little variation in the stories and the artwork is still horrifying to behold to this day. This comic is a case of someone with no talent for writing or illustration gaining some popularity. If you have more talent than this, and I bet you do, please do something to put them out of business.

Moon over June 3

It's a tough lesson, but you can learn to be funny from seeing the opposite.

There are also more subtle nuances behind the scenes. Being featured on websites, becoming popular on forums and making connections in general can help you. So now that you have a general idea, go fourth and make your own great webcomic. Just please learn from Moon Over June.


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