Glasslip First Impressions


Glasslip First Impressions

Glasslip is an anime that I had heard was supposed to be about glass in some way. The first episode does not show much evidence of that since except for one section where a character is making glass, it is mostly about hanging out with high school kids. They hang out at the festival, a restaurant, school, and other random locations. Also along the way the main character tries to decide how chickens would like to live. Watching this episode I would think the show is more about chickens than glass.

Glasslip has no noticeable story right now. The events do not flow well and mostly seem random. Hopefully it flows better later on. Right now the changes in scene are a bit jarring at times. Also there is not enough explanation about the characters and where they are in life. I assume that two of the characters are siblings from how they talk, but what if they are not?

Glasslip table

The chickens had very little place in the first episode of Glasslip. The characters are just being introduced, so while in a later episode keeping the chickens might make more sense and reinforce character traits that are established it makes little sense in the first episode. Also why does the main character even care so much about what chickens would want? She eats them quick enough, so she is not against hurting animals to eat. Not knowing her the extreme measures she takes with the chickens makes no sense.

Overall this show is so far all the fun of watching boring teens have a boring summer. Until the end when the love triangle shows up just in time to peak my interest a bit.

Status: Might Watch. Right at the end of the episode the love triangle shows up and gives a small sliver of hope for this show. Still don’t know if that is enough to keep watching this show.

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