Gang Beasts Multiplayer Preview - Rock Em' and Sock Em'

Gang Beasts Online Title

Gang Beasts Multiplayer Preview – Rock Em’ and Sock Em’

Gang Beasts is a frantic and crazy multiplayer fighting game. Players fling others around and fall over each other constantly. It was missing something though. Online multiplayer is coming out soon much to the amusement of fans everywhere.

Gang Beasts Lifting

You can lift and kick opponents with pinpoint accuracy.

Gang Beasts and Smooth Netcode

Without a doubt the Gang Beasts online code is one of the best we’ve ever seen in a beta. Everything ran extremely well in our preliminary test copy. That’s the most important factor.

Responsive Online Controls

I played this with another upcoming writer on the site. Look for his article a little bit later on. The controls are great.

Gang Beasts Grinder

It feels great to toss someone into a grinder.

We did see a bit of lag but that was on our end when we connected to EU servers or someone else used the connection. None of it appeared to be from the game itself.

Gang Beasts Online Physics

Physics work very well in the online mode. Water slides you around just like you’d expect.

Crazy Antics

The same crazy gameplay we’ve seen in the normal game is here. Bodies stretching and flying all over the place. Suicide dives to take your opponent with you. This includes hanging off the side of level to avoid players or obstacles. It’s all here.

Mainstream Appeal

Once the multiplayer is out we expect this game to become much more popular with streamers. Twitch players can enjoy inviting their viewers to play along with them. It’s great fodder for reactions as well.

Environmental Bashing

Most of the game consists of grabbing and swinging opponents around. Skilled players can also deliver a knockout punch or head-butt. Random environmental factors set the game apart.

Gang Beasts Truck Hanging

Crafty players make the most of their environment.

Vicious grinders split up stages. Toxic pools insure certain death for anyone who falls in them. These unpredictable factors make the game extremely fun. Hopefully they’ll have full Steam Workshop support for customs maps in later on.

Improving Development with a New Company

Boneloaf developed this game for quite a while but realized they needed to step up the pace. They teamed up with the new but passionate developers at Coatsink to improve the pace. So far their progress is impressive. We expect great things in the future from this partnership as well.

Gang Beasts Spectator Mode

The spectator mode lets you size up your opponents before a fight.

Future Progress for Gang Beasts

So now that they have the team what will they do exactly? The developers released several upcoming add-ons:

  • New stages
  • Fresh game modes
  • Extra server capacity
  • Mac OS X and Linux support

They’re currently testing the multiplayer before they add it to the base game. They are implementing three testing stages before they finish the mode.

Older Demos of Gang Beasts

For those who want to test the game out there is an old demo of the game on IndieDB. It actually has a large amount of features as well. If you’re on the fence about the game it’s a great starting point.

Early Access and Gang Beasts

Right now Gang Beasts is available for $19.99 on Steam. It’s a great party game with friends and for streamers. We enjoyed the game immensely, especially after trying out the multiplayer options.


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