No Game No Life episode 11

No Game No Life episode 11 Love or Loved

No Game No Life episode 11

No Game No Life episode 11 is about what happens in the game played against the warbeasts. The two groups are playing against each other in an FPS game. Izuna needs to shoot all four from the humanity team to win while they just need to get her. Also the humanity team can turn their team members back to their side.

Izuna in this episode of No Game No Life realizes that she has never enjoyed playing a game. She has never been challenged by other players and therefore has never felt any excitement. When Blank sets a trap for her and she comes close to losing Izuna finally starts to enjoy the game. I have to wonder if Izuna is so good and not having any fun due to not being challenged then why would she make it even easier by cheating? Seems like she could add some difficulty if she would just play legitimately.

No Game No Life episode 11

The humanity group makes little sense as well. Taking Jibril into the game fits into Blank’s plan, but Stephanie just seems like a liability. They know she is bad at all games, so why would they decide to bring her along? Hopefully that will make more sense in the next episode.

Sora is not taking the game very seriously for quite a while. That must be really ticking off all the people watching that have their lives on the line. Even when Blank wins they will most likely still not like their rulers as much as they did initially.

Only one more episode in No Game No Life, which is a bit disappointing since the story is far from finished. Hopefully there will be another series at some point to finish it up. Blank has only really challenged one nation there is so much left for them to do. The story has not even revealed all the races.

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