No Game No Life episode 10

No Game No Life episode 10 guilty

No Game No Life episode 10

No Game No Life episode 10 has the cast finally go to the important game against the warbeasts.

A large portion of this episode of No Game No Life is about Clammy and Fi. Apparently Clammy is a slave from Alvern Garde. After hearing that it felt like Clammy was going to just let all of Imanity become slaves of the elves. What does Clammy really care about Elkia for if she is not even from there? She wanted to rule over all of Imanity and decide what was best for them when she did not even have control over her own life. If the elves are not even kind to the Imanity in their own care already then there is no reason to believe they would help them after Clammy became the ruler. Her whole logic behind becoming the ruler makes even less sense now that her backstory is revealed. Even if Fi wants to release the human slaves, she is only one elf. The rest are probably not as kind.

Also they had a whole game to get the support of Clammy and Fi which I thought meant they were going to get information about the game and Sora could alter Fi’s mind to reveal it. Apparently their help is going to be a lot less useful. They are going to watch the game and make sure there is no magical interference. Wouldn’t his captive flugel know if there was magic being used? I sure hope that alliance makes more sense in the future otherwise it just feels like a waste of time.

The big game against the warbeasts should be the last thing that happens in No Game No Life this season. Unfortunately as this series is winding down it is having some of the worst episodes. It feels like the writers could have made better use of their time with this show. At least the last episodes should be interesting since they should both be about the game.

No Game No Life episode 10 Can't do it


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