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Galacide Early Access Preview

Puny Human developers are taking a big leap with a Puzzler/Shoot Em’ Up. Galacide brings together the fast-paced twitch gameplay with gem-combining puzzles.

Galacide Boss

Galacide has the boss concept down as well.

Classic Shmup Elements in Galacide

Galacide starts up as a normal shoot em’ up with a good, fast pace for those who play these games. It also has the normal waves of enemies to shoot who would love to blast you or crash into you. Only the twist comes in the form of scrap, the only way to progress through each level.


Galacide Multi-Matching Puzzle

Basic color chaining is the base for the game but it goes so much deeper than that.

Bejeweled Elements and Space Combat

Basic puzzles rely on matching four pieces of space scrap together to eliminate blocks of color. Once you mix in aggressive ships and even bosses something much more impressive arises. The mix of these two styles creates something bigger than the sum of its parts.

Galacide Warp Speed

Galacide also has a warp speed option for those who want to push through each mission quickly.

Our Early Impression of Galacide

We think this is the best puzzle game we’ve seen in years. It actually does something that has barely been done and the presentation is completely new. Sure, we’ve seen interesting mixes like Puzzle Fighter in the past but only the greatest games capture two genres at once. Expect a highly positive review from us when it is fully released.

Galacide Complicated Colors
If you are thinking this looks a bit complicated in later stages you are correct. But that is a good thing.
Current Progress on Galacide

Right now the game already has an excellent base set up. There are quite a few stages, an endless mode and the normal mission mode you would expect. Three different ships are already playable such as the:

  • Mining Ship – The average craft with an incredibly useful tractor beam for additional scrap. This one plays like most shmup ships that have no dodge.
  • Freighter- Weak and slow-moving, this is the tank of the game. It can carry enemy scrap and store it while taking several hits. Great for puzzle gamers.
  • Phase Ship – An expert craft with a dodge functionality. The ability to avoid puzzle blocks and enemy shots makes up for it having incredibly weak armor. Plays like craft in other games that have a dodge or reflect option.

Each one of these brings out a different experience and 4-player co-op brings further depth to the game.

As with any good "Shoot Em' Up" sometimes the screen fills with explosions.

As with any good “Shoot Em’ Up” sometimes the screen fills with explosions.

Galacide: The Puzzle Game to Watch

No matter what your level of skill is in either of these genres this game is important. We believe the final product will spawn a new genre in the long run. Be sure to take a look at this on Steam and decide for yourself.


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