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Face of Mankind Spotlight

Today we want to go over the story of the Face of Mankind developers. They have gone from failure to possible success with a new project.

What is Face of Mankind?

The game is an MMO where you have a huge amount of freedom. It shies away from the normal MMO model of holding you by the hand. This can of course cause major conflict between players but also gives them an experience like no other. The economy is fully player-driven and has no classes or grinding. As you might expect that type of game comes with a set of positive and negative ramifications. Positively it is going to be perfect for a select few and negative because most gamers want simplicity.

Face of Mankind Kickstarter Rewards

Face of Mankind Fall of the Dominion

As you might expect the lack of guidelines kept this game from becoming massively popular. However a small hardcore fan-base has decided to work on a new game. It comes with a new engine along with better graphics. The game world is supposed to be filled with interesting areas much like you would see in Fallout 3. This is difficult because far too many MMO games overreach themselves and have boring areas with nothing. We hope that this one can live up to expectations. They are also promising:

  • Crafting
  • Multiple Worlds
  • Player Progression
  • Player Housing
  • A Law System

The new Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion game will be using the normal model for Kickstarter and other MMO games. This includes things such as premium access and additional items for backers.

What Gamers and Developers can Learn

What this game teaches us is that even if your game has a niche or does not do well at first, that does not mean everything is over. Enough people loved Face of Mankind that they helped them host it and are making their Kickstarter a success. If you think the game sounds good then check it out as well. We think it may be going places.


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