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eXceed Collection Launching Soon on Steam

What is the eXceed Collection?

The eXceed collection itself is a trio of doujin shmups from developer Tennen-sozai. This particular collection has all 3 games in one simple collection. Doujin games are basically a buzzword for Japanese indie games.Part of the charm comes from how the gameplay changes from game to game.


eXceed Collection Gun Bullet Children

eXceed Colleciton Vampire REX

eXceed Collection Gun Bullet Children

The games of the eXceed Collection

eXceed Collection Gun Bullet Children

The names of these games are undeniably a bit strange. There is no way that “Gun Bullet Children” or “Jade Penetrate Black Package” are proper titles. But for all we know they were that strange originally. Let us go down these titles:

  • 1st eXceed Gun Bullet Children is a game with a familiar grazing system in which you can change characters. This title is sadly showing its age.
  • 2nd eXceed Vampire REX introduces the polarity mechanic which you probably enjoyed in Ikaruga. It has nice graphics and full English. It also controls better than the previous title.
  • 3rd eXceed Jade Penetrate Black Package is the most advanced title in these games. It has better polished graphics and is quite fun to play. This game alone is worth the price of entry overall.

Both the second and third parts of this series are quite worth checking out. The first one is perhaps only for the most hardcore of fans.

The voices of the eXceed Collection

The eXceed collection has quite a diverse voice cast. Anyone who is a serious anime fan will be interested in some of the names involved:

  • Chiwa Saito who was Akemi Homura in Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Yukari Tamura who was Nanoha herself in Nanoha and Tenten in Naruto
  • Nana Mizuki who was Fate Testrarossa in Nanoha and Wrath in Fullmetal Alchemist

It is quite surprising to see such big actors in this particular game. However they are here and it is quite impressive.

Where and how to get the eXceed Collection

These games should be out on Steam by August 2nd. They will be available for the very affordable price of $9.99 for all of them. However if you do not want to wait you can check out some demos at the eXceed site.

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