Endless Legend Receives Steam Workshop Update

Endless Legend Forges of Creation Steam Workshop Featured Image

Endless Legend Receives Steam Workshop Update

Endless Legend now has Steam Workshop integration. It’s an amazing new start for the game.

Endless Legend Forges of Creation Logo

It’s rare to see an update this great and also totally free.

Endless Legend and the Forges of Creation

We’re going to break down a massive list of the additional and free content for you:

  • Valete Sapiri Kugua is a new Sister of Mercy hero known as “The Golden Saint”
  • Scyther is a “Guardian Killer” unit made to destroy dust-based life forms
  • 20 new pieces of equipment
  • 7 new Custom Faction Traits
  • A new main menu background
  • Improved AI
Endless Legend Free Items

These free items and faction traits actually completely change the gameplay. It’s a huge amount of content due to the nature of this game.

All of this translates to an absolutely huge amount of new content for the game that you don’t need to pay for.

Endless Legend Tiled

We are excited to see what new maps players will create.

Endless Legend and Tiled

With this update comes the ability to create your own maps with a program called Tiled.

Endless Legend Needed Steam Workshop

Despite the many awards the game has won any game can become a bit stale after you’ve seen all the content. Now that the game has Steam Workshop that all changed. Any game with a workshop is no longer limited just by the time and efforts of the developers.

Endless Legend Steam Workshop

Now there is no limit to the content for this game.

Now everyone can add their own spin to the game. We are excited to see what they do with this in the future as well. There could be some amazing mods on the horizon here.

Endless Legend’s Best Update Ever

Not only did they release all this but the new paid DLC isn’t necessary to play the game. It’s just some lore and a soundtrack, which are great for hardcore fans but won’t block new players from getting into the game

Endless Legend in a Nutshell

For the few readers who didn’t see our other articles it’s a 4X turn-based fantasy strategy game with heavy science fiction elements. If that sounds good to you then be sure to check it out on Steam for a base price of $29.99 USD.


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