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Endless Legend Announced

The people who brought you Endless Space are now bringing you Endless Legend, yet another 4X strategy this time with a fantasy feel. It looks like the game will have a lot to do with the other one with some added polish. Hopefully they will have improved on quite a few things from their previous efforts.

Mapping the Endless Legend

The map is based on a traditional hex grid that you often see in other fantasy games. From the shots we have seen so far it looks like it has more in common with civilization than their earlier games. The map itself is fully explorable and you can find artifacts all over it. In fact to unleash your full power you will need to conquer each part of the map.

Endless Legend More Battles

The battles take place on the same grid with individual units with their own stats. This is a tried and true formula since the early days of computer games. You can also gather minor factions into your army just like those same classic games. In many ways this game is more appealing for many of us than Endless Space ever was.

Endless Technology

Another aspect of this game is technology trees. Just like in any good 4X strategy there are many different ladders to follow from Dust to luxury items.

Creating Your Endless Legend

Right now we could give you a tentative release date, but let us be serious, it won’t stick. Suffice it to say they are currently working on it and it’s a bit too soon to give one for this game. Of course it will almost definitely come to multiple computer platforms including Steam. If you want to hear more about it then keep an eye on the Amplitude Studios page.


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