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Dungeonland released

Dungeonland was fully released. This game would be a rather underwhelming title if not for one thing: a Dungeon Master. This gives it another layer where a human fights the players. Come find out more about what sets the game apart.

Dungeonland Gameplay

Dungeonland player items

The Gameplay of Dungeonland

For the normal characters you have what you would expect. Special attacks along with the regular hacking and blasting. Fairly standard for a game of this type. You can use shields and special projectiles. Overall it has a Gauntlet sort of feel to it. Two players can also play with two on the same PC as well. It has a few stages followed by a boss monster. These are nice basic features to have and ones you would expect. However the real draw of the game lies with the Dungeon Master.

Dungeonland Card System


You also have an evil bar which lets you have additional, ultimate cards.

The Dungeon Master and Dungeonland

As we said before this mode sets it apart. You can give orders to your minions and trigger traps. You can even possess minions to damage more players. This is probably our favorite mode out of the game. You can also buy a variety of upgrades that revive monsters, heal them and damage players. A card system lets you customize your trap and monster lineup. You even have passive effects to give you a boost. It is a really excellent mode that we wish we could see more in gaming.

Dungeonland Unlockables

Dungeonland Evil Laughs Per Minute

You also have an evil laugh button for when you kill someone. Or when you hurt someone. Or just when you feel like it. Be sure to use it a lot so that your friends know that you do not take them seriously.

Where to get Dungeonland

Probably the best place to get it is probably Steam as usual. If this game sounds good to you then check out their main site as well. This is probably our favorite offering from Paradox in a while.

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