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CoinRPG Spotlight

Many of you have heard of Bitcoin. Now the currency has gotten so popular they are making games around it. CoinRPG is one of these early games. Obviously, in real life you can buy bitcoin, however, this game is basically replicating that. Although in real life you’d have to do research into the bitcoin market and keep an eye on ever-changing prices using sites like’s price statistics so you don’t fall behind and lose any of your investments. Do you like playing games associated with bitcoin? This game, along with many others allows you to increase your bitcoin currency so that you can continue to play for longer. For this to happen, you may want to check out the Best Bitcoin Casino to find out which casinos accept this sort of payment. What’s even better is that you don’t have to deal with banks. Happy playing!

The Concept of CoinRPG

The game centers on a third person action premise. You will level up and use skills just as you would expect. There is of course a magical world to explore and lots of treasure to get. There are no stats though although you level up. So that’s the game at face value.

Gathering Bitcoins with CoinRPG

While you play the game you slowly gather bitcoins based on your level as well. There are contests for more and a great many ways to earn them. This sets them apart from the large number of gambling games in the genre.

They also have multiplayer planned with sieges and cooperative parties. Right now the game is very new so they have a small but colorful world they will be improving over time.

Cyber Currency and Games like CoinRPG

Right now we are seeing tons of people create gambling sites for it. However it doesn’t have to be this way. If this game takes off then you may want take a look at it. We are already seeing cyber currency used as awards in games. We could see many more developed as full games as well.

CoinRPG Starting Zone

So far there does seem to be a small but dedicated market for games like this. While not everyone is on the Bitcoin bandwagon those who are happen to be very dedicated. So you may want to take a look.

Getting Involved with CoinRPG

If you are in the market for Bitcoins then take a look at the early beta. The early plan is to have individual servers and we wonder how that will work with gathering actual bitcoins. If this takes off then it could be an interesting way to mine a bit while still having some fun. They are also having a Steam Greenlight campaign as well. To find out more about new developments for alternative cryptocurrencies such as ICON, visit

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