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Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! Released

Steam has seen a large number of visual numbers coming across the ocean to western gamers. One of the latest releases is Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! which follows a group of schoolgirls attempting to create a comedy club. Along the way they find out they weren’t the first ones to set it up and must integrate idols while avoiding the meddling of a boisterous student council member.

Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls Conversations

As you might expect an idol coming to the school is a big focus for this one.

Cute Girls, Doing Cute Things

You have all the tropes you have come to expect such as the:

  • Attractive older teacher Utena, who is somehow the same height or shorter than her students
  • The meddling Tsundere Chitose, out to trip your group up
  • Leader Mairu who, for most of the game, is the only one who cares about comedy
  • Idol Ai who is there to stand out from the crowd and motivate Chitose

Basically all of the various tropes from every Moé anime are in this game. As for the game itself you watch their story unfold as the characters share banter and try to pull a comedy club together.

Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls Flipped Sprites

Left hand side, on the apron.

Objectivity and Cute Things

We won’t be doing a review of this game because honestly, we can’t really do it objectively. Most of the writers here really despise shows like K-on and Girls Und Panzer. This game is basically one of those shows but in game form. If you love those then you will love this. We should note that some of the sprite flips are a bit unusual in the game, as you can see above.

Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls Calm Down

Reactions are a big part of the humor in this game.

Dewesternized Versions

For those who truly love Japanese culture new “dewesternized” modes are in as well. This allows you to get the full experience of the many cultural jokes scattered throughout the series.

 Getting Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!

Coming to you from NYU Media and Capcom the localization is quite good. You can buy it for $3.99 right now. For those who love club settings you will probably want to check out the earlier game as well. Otherwise you may get a little confused since it is a direct continuation of the first game.




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