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Black Knight Sword Preview

Black Knight Sword from Suda 51 lies somewhere between Madoka Magica and a fever dream. You play a dark-clad knight fighting a variety of nightmarish creatures in environments ranging from horrific to comical.

General information on Black Knight Sword

The game is a platformer with a ton of hack-and-slash action. From what we have seen so far it seems to jump around the world at the time of the industrial revolution.

Enemies include Easter Island heads with Mexican hats and strange, deformed men. Overall it seems to have a nightmarish environment. Of course there also seems to be a bit of the Suda 51 humor as well.

Black Knight Sword Boss

The story of Black Knight Sword

As the Black Knight you have to collect hearts while wandering through the horrifying landscape. Your goal is to find out just what is causing all these strange things to happen.

The gameplay of Black Knight Sword

The gameplay is fairly standard for a game of this type. You have your normal slashes, charge moves and a double jump. As usual Suda 51’s games are less of a revolution in substance than in presentation. But what a presentation it is.

It also uses the classic style of buying abilities. As the game goes along you can buy stat increases and other bonuses. This is a tried and true formula used for many games.

Where to get Black Knight Sword

Black Knight Sword is out right now. You can get it on PSN and XBLA. However strangely enough it seems to be getting glossed over. Even their own web site says it is not out yet.

While Suda 51 games have always been a bit off the radar, this is a bit disturbing. It is like Grasshopper Manufacture is slipping quite a bit with their promotion. We hope the game does well anyway.


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