Baby Steps and the Benefits of Hard Work

Baby Steps

Baby Steps and the Benefits of Hard Work

Baby Steps is a great show about a boy who has spent his life on academics deciding to play tennis. He is not a great athlete, but he puts the same focus and drive into tennis with good results.

The best thing about Baby Steps is that Ei-chan is not a great athlete at the beginning of the show and does not have some talent that just suddenly makes him good. Ei-chan has to work hard for a while and come up against walls time and again.  Even some of the side characters are shown to not have raw talent, but found ways to compensate like Miyagawa who uses his full power for every shot to make up for his shortcomings. Despite his problems with the game Miyagawa is a seeded player. Lots of stories have a hero that has a great talent for the subject of the show and do not have to work hard. A lot of the time the people who just work hard are portrayed as not being able to make up for having raw talent. While in some cases people can not beat talented individuals through hard work it is a pretty depressing theme to see time and again.

Baby Steps child Miyagawa

Even the talented players in Baby Steps have problems like Takuma whose playing has suffered due to a belief that he can never overcome the people who are better than him. While Takuma was considered a prodigy and had tons of success recently he has problems because he never learned how to deal with players that are better than him. Takuma sees players better than him as obstacles that he can never overcome and it has messed with his game. Takuma is an example that even with talent a person can only get so far if they do not work hard and learn from others. He even looks down on people like Ei-chan who learn from others. Hopefully now that Ei-chan has beaten a seeded player Takuma will start to respect his way of learning from better players to overcome them.

Before watching Baby Steps I was never interested in tennis, so finding this show so interesting was a surprise. The characters really make this show what it is. Without them all being so realistic and human with flaws to make them so easy to relate to it would be another sports show that is just for fans of the sport to enjoy. If you are not watching this show yet you should be.

Baby Steps Ei-chan

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