Avalon Lords Dawn Rises Early Access Preview - A Good Start

Avalon Lords Marching to War Featured

Avalon Lords Dawn Rises Early Access Preview

Avalon Lords Dawn Rises mixes an epic scale with some classic RTS elements. Is this game the evolution of RTS gaming we’ve been looking for?


Avalon Lords Dawn Rises and Massive Maps

Huge maps are the main drawing point of this game. Each limb sways in the wind as every mountainside rises above the horizon. It adds a touch of beauty to the game that you don’t expect from RTS titles.

Avalon Lords Dawn Rises Huge Map

Each map is immense and detailed.

Battles span from one corner of the epic map to the other. As such the pacing of the game is quite different from small-sale RTS battles. Players plan attacks in waves due to the large map. It’s impossible to reinforce an attack quickly with all but the highest-ranking troops.

Avalon Lords Siege Attack

Siege weaponry and horsemen round out a diverse battle system.

Classic RTS Mechanics

For us the game was like playing an expanded version of Age of Empires 2. Avalon Lord’s building phase and combat flow in a similar manner to that game. Other essentials in this game include team-based and free-for-all battles.

Avalon Lords Dawn Rises – The Ever-Important Tech Tree

There are a few basic unit types but each one has a large variety of upgrades. It’s a decent selection for an early version of the game. There is also an extensive upgrade tree for weaponry, the economy, and even architecture.

Technology Buildings

New buildings give you upgrades, as does upgrading your core castle.

These allow you to build a kingdom filled with intricate defenses and thriving markets. Climbing the tech ladder first gives you the advantages you expect from an RTS.

Avalon Lords Dawn Rises Persistent Map

The map is working and looks great. We expect this to be just the start for the developers.

Persistent Campaign Features

We’ll play anything with a campaign map and this one has the added bonus of online play. Much like PlanetSide 2 you work with your faction to gather swathes of terrain for your empire. Up to six players can fight over vital territory in this mode.

Avalon Lords Dawn Rises Army Builder

Players can test out formations down to the smallest details in the army builder.

Custom Army Building Options

A custom army builder allows you to make the perfect force and test it out in the game’s battle mode. In that mode two limited forces slug it out on a map to see who created the better base army list.

Avalon Lords Dawn Rises Performance Rendering

Even with a huge number of detailed units on screen the game constantly runs well.

Incredible Performance from Avalon Lords Dawn Rises

Most Unity games do not run well. That is not the case with this game. Despite having dozens of unit groups and an extensive map the game runs well. The slowdown seen in many other titles running the Unity engine just was not here.

Contributing to Early Access

Avalon Lords is out now so be sure to take a look at it. Anyone who loves the RTS genre will be sure to enjoy this game. Keep in mind that it is in early access so the game is not perfect yet. They have a great foundation for an excellent game in the future. A foundation you can help shape.


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