Aldnoah Zero First Impressions

Aldnoah Zero

Aldnoah Zero First Impressions

These first impressions of Aldnoah Zero are based on the first two episodes and contain spoilers.

Aldnoah Zero is about an alternate reality where in 1972 a portal was found on the moon that went to Mars. People colonized Mars and found technology there besides the portal. The people on Mars created their own empire names Vers. Vers and Earth fought in 1999 on the Moon blowing it up and since then people from Mars have been fighting for supremacy on the moon. The knights have been waiting for the opportunity for 15 years to come down to Earth. Rather than waiting for something to happen they attack their own royalty when she goes down to the planet to make an excuse to fight. The knights come down and mow down people with no real opposition.

Aldnoah Zero princess

The main character of Aldnoah Zero is basically emotionless. This has caused some people to really like him, but I find it annoying. He just calmly states that a missile is coming, which does not seem human. The area is supposed to be evacuated, but he calmly stays at home making eggs. These actions make him pretty hard to relate to because most people would panic or at least react in some way to these situations.

The two warring factions in Aldnoad Zero are pretty interesting. There is Earth which is normal except for being more militaristic due to the feud with the Martians. Then their are the Martians that have a medieval hierarchy with knights and princesses. The Martians even refer to their ships as landing castles. Cruhteo slaps the Earthling he has and refers to him as a dog when he dares become friendly with the princess. It is pretty weird to have the more technologically advanced empire acting like they are from a different time period. They only separated from the normal Earthlings in 1972.

Aldnoah Zero world peace

It is surprising that the government on Earth knows that the Martians are so much more advanced, but so far do not appear to have tried to make anything to counter them. Everyone knows how to pilot a mech, but that does not matter when their mechs can not damage the Martian mechs. Hiding the knowledge is not very surprising, but doing nothing to save the Earth seems stupid. Government incompetence can only go so far when the people in power surely want to save their own tails as well.

Overall the show does not offer a lot of new themes to the mecha genre, but it uses the old ideas very well. There are still questions about how things could happen the way they are, but most people will be drawn in trying to find out how the human of Earth will survive with their lower level of technology.

Status: Watching. This show makes the viewer want to know what will happen.


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