AKB0048 episode 12 - Chieri is one cold woman


AKB0048 episode 12

In AKB0048 episode 12 the girls try to rescue Nagisa’s Dad, but he turns down a rescue which leads to Nagisa losing her voice. Yuuka finds out how her ex truly feels about her. Then after the drama is over the girls finally have their understudy concert.

Orine comes to the grim realization that the items she was making at the factory are used in mechs to harm AKB0048 . I do not know why this is such a shocker. Also it feels like they are doing pretty much the same thing they did when they revealed that Chieri’s family makes mechs for DES.

Nagisa took everyone out of their way to find out that no he did not want them to break him out. This should not have been a surprise. He did not want her to join to begin with. If she broke him out it would make him look guiltier than he was and it would look like he supported AKB0048. Also it would make him a fugitive from the law and put all of them in more danger. If her dad had any sense and cared about her at all he would not want to have her break him out because it would be awful for both parties. His best chance was to do what he suggested and try to talk his way out of it. Because this is a cheerful show though Nagisa found out that her Dad stuck up for her in his own way, so he does still care about her. His motives were just to keep her from getting into trouble over saving him.

AKB0048 episode 12 undergroundAKB0048 episode 12 arm blast

The successors are finally starting to give way some to the understudies. Yuuko might have given up on taking the understudies song. She admits that she does not think it is all that great because it is only about the next generation. About time she realized that she would look foolish singing the same song as the understudies. Minami also appears to be giving up. She is going to graduate after the concert, so Kanata can move up. Takamina will probably feel a lot better when she does. She is all about fairness and probably feels guilty for holding Kanata back.

AKB0048 episode 12 next generation

Chieri is getting really cutthroat at this point. Nagisa has just barely lost her voice and she is stepping in. Also when she thinks that Nagisa is going to quit she hardly tries to stop her and wants Nagisa to stay until she has beat her. Seems like she is less concerned about her friends than the ego boost she could get from beating Nagisa. Feels like they want me to hate Chieri because I know if the positions were reversed Nagisa would not be rejoicing over Chieri’s loss.

Yuuka finally got an answer about her old boyfriend Mamoru’s feelings. It was not the answer she wanted though. They both still have feelings, but he let her know that while she is with AKB0048 that they can not be together. Which is the truth she can not be an idol and expect to have a boyfriend at the same time. She should have thought about this sooner. Maybe if they both feel the same when she graduates they can pick up where they left off then. The part where Mamoru shows that he was hiding her picture behind Suzuko’s is so sweet.

Mamoru still cares

The AKB0048 ending was different for this episode which felt appropriate. It was more subdued and fitting with the darker more dramatic feel of the episode.


AKB0048 episode 12 Dr. Idol

Since when is she a doctor? I would not let her touch me.

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  • Lin
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 1:14 am

    “Seems like she is less concerned about her friends than the ego boost she could get from beating Nagisa.”

    Man it’s like you haven’t been watching the show at all. It has been proved time and again that there’s always more to what Chieri says than the obvious. And she has risked her life for Nagisa multiple times too. You forget pretty easily it seems.

    First things first, she stepped in right away because otherwise the performance would have been canceled. That would mean that all the time the girls put into practice would go to waste. Chieri stepped in as much for her sake as for the sake of the group.

    Challenging Nagisa was Chieri’s way to try snap her out of her funk. Yes, she could have been nicer about it but we know that she’s not one to sugarcoat her words. Nagisa was neglecting her duties by trying to quit and Chieri had to stop it somehow.

    At any rate, after everything Chieri has done for the other girls, accusing her of having ill intentions or being selfish is nonsensical.

    • Pink Prinny
      Jul 18, 2012 @ 7:28 am

      You seem to have totally misread that situation. They were not canceling the show at all. They were just not going to perform Seaside Cherry. Chieri was taking the spotlight for herself.

      Also Chieri has been selfish all along. She ran away from her family and responsibility for her family’s company to join a group of idol singers. How is that not selfish? Yes she has helped with the group in the past, but she has always been the one saying this is a cutthroat competition and she is taking that seriously this time in my opinion. One person trips up for a minute and she will take up the slack to make herself look better. You are entitled to your own opinion though.

      • Lin
        Jul 18, 2012 @ 8:55 am

        I didn’t misread anything. I was talking about the performance of that song alone. You seem to think practicing for just one song isn’t a lot of work, but it is, and Chieri did the right thing by stepping in. In fact, if Nagisa already had a designated stand-in, that girl would have stepped in to perform in her place anyway. This is standard procedure for both the real AKB and 0048.

        Are you seriously suggesting that Chieri was selfish in running away from a company that make and sell the weapons that help oppresses the galaxy? If anything, by joining the idols she helps to fight that shit.

        And of course Chieri takes the competition seriously, but that’s because AKB is competitive in nature, a truth Nagisa has been running away from all this time. Chieri was specially harsh with her now because if Nagisa doesn’t face this she won’t be able to move on.

        • Pink Prinny
          Jul 18, 2012 @ 19:00 pm

          It is their job to know all the material. If they had not used the routine this time they would have later. It would not have gone to waste.

          Yes I think running away from your family is selfish. How do you think her family felt when they didn’t even know what happened to her? If she wanted to do this she should have at least talked it out with them first which she obviously didn’t since the fact that she was missing was on the news.

          Also if Chieri wanted to stop the company from making weapons to attack idols, the best way would be to head the company. As it is she ran away and can be a poster child for how idol groups corrupt the young. That could help strengthen the anti-idol movement.

          I still feel the same way about how Chieri is acting towards Nagisa. She has from the first episode felt inferior to Nagisa and this is her chance to feel like the better idol. Maybe she has an ulterior motive as well, but that does not change the way it seems which is all I said. She wants to have Nagisa there to prove she is the better idol and then she will not personally always doubt herself. This does not go against what they have shown before at all. She has always been trying to make herself feel like a better idol candidate than Nagisa. Yes she has saved Nagisa and helped she out. That does not changes the feelings Chieri has had about being compared to Nagisa.

        • Lin
          Jul 18, 2012 @ 21:50 pm

          I think you just lack background on AKB.

          Canceling the performance of a song is always the last option, because it does make the practice time go to waste. It’s not like you can use the routine later on without practicing again, as the body forgets the moves over time. Moreover, canceling even just one song is assumed to be very disrespectful to the audience.

          That’s why, in order to prevent this sort of situations, AKB has stand-ins. The only reason Tsubasa was about to cancel the song was because she didn’t have a stand-in for Nagisa at hand. Luckily Chieri was able to fill in as stand-in. Note that nobody complained, and that’s because filling in for a girl that can’t perform is standard procedure.

          On the other hand, this was a chance for Chieri, and she would have been disrespectful to her career if she didn’t take it. In any AKB documentary you’ll find the members telling the understudies not to waste any chance that comes their way. Everyone has to aim for the top and that means that clashing with other members (sometimes friends) is inevitable.

          You’re right that Chieri felt inferior to Nagisa, and that’s why in episode 11 she was prepared to give up, but then she saw Yuuko the 9th practicing, and that made her realize that she was running away. Chieri seizing the chance to perform in place of Nagisa shows her new determination. Instead of giving up, now she is prepared to take on Nagisa seriously. This parallels on the rivalry between Yuuko and Acchan, who have been competing for the number one spot in the real AKB48 for the last 5 years.

          The one who lacks determination now is Nagisa though. Chieri’s challenge was harsh, but it was meant to wake her up.

  • anon2
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 14:24 pm

    “Yes I think running away from your family is selfish. How do you think her family felt when they didn’t even know what happened to her? ”

    Doesn’t that mean a lot of the girls who auditioned for ABK0048 are selfish? I remember several girls (excluding Chieri) saying they ran away from home and Nagisa was about to do the same except her mother discovered her…

    I do not know why Chieri feels inferior to Nagisa, I know it’s due to the Kirara but Chieri is far superior to Nagisa in all other areas.. I hope she gains confidence in S2.. I don’t see Nagisa as a worthy competition… I’m not really understanding all the love for her though it’s probably due to her similarity to ABK48’s acchan…

    • Pink Prinny
      Aug 22, 2012 @ 19:04 pm

      Any of them that did were selfish, yes. But the topic was about Chieri being selfish or not. So there was not really any reason to bring everyone else into it.

      Hopefully Chieri does get some confidence later. A lot of the girls could use some more confidence.


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