Akame ga Kill First Impressions

Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill First Impressions

Akame ga Kill is about a boy named Tatsumi that is coming to the capital city to get money for his village. He starts out with two other members from his village, but becomes separated from them in the course of the journey. Before reaching the capital Tatsumi is warned that people in the city are not like in the country and some are quite evil. Tatsumi quickly finds out that things are different in the city when he gets swindled out of his money by a busty woman. He is about to sleep on the street for the night when a girl offers to take him back to her place. Tatsumi appears to have found some truly nice people who help newcomers like himself. While he is staying with them he learns about the dangerous Night Raid group that attacks the wealthy and influential at night. Night Raid comes to attack the family that Tatsumi is staying with and at first Tatsumi tries to protect the girl that took him in until he finds out she hurt his friends. After killing Aria, Tatsumi is accepted into Night Raid.

Akame ga Kill valuable lesson

The artstyle and tone do not give away how Akame ga Kill will really be. There are hints in the show that it will have a darker side, but the truth comes out of nowhere. If you do not like dark shows then this is not for you. This show is not holding back right from the start.

There is a little problem with the balance between comedy and horror in this show. At the end of the episode some pretty bad things are revealed. Directly afterwords it goes back to joking and it does not mesh well. Hopefully it will try to keep the dark portions and comedy separated later on, not many shows can do horror on the level displayed in Akame ga Kill and comedy at the same time.

Overall even after being warned that Akame ga Kill would be dark it caught me off guard with the change in tone. That is a good thing overall because real life is the same way. Things are not always what they appear and a situation can go from good to bad in a second.

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Akame ga Kill leaving the village

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