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2Dark Spotlight

Frederick Raynal and Yael Barroz and worked on a few very good games some time ago. Two of these were the original Alone in the Dark and Toy Commander for Dreamcast. At the time these were some of the best games ever made and are still quite fun today. So when we saw that they are connected to 2Dark we were really excited.

2Dark Voxels

Some characters are already finished. We expect to see some weird ones later on.

2Dark Artwork

In this game there is some 2D artwork mixed in with voxels for the main game. As you might expect you cannot see very much in this game because it is, after all, too dark.

2Dark Gameplay

From what we have seen so far it appears to be a survival/shooter game with deep horror elements. Enemies we have seen so far are mice and well, murderers. Collecting items as you go along is important as usual. So how does this stand out from similar titles? Apparently there is a mechanic where you must protect the children behind you. Since the game is in such an early stage it is unclear as to whether these kids benefit or hamper you.

Why Alone in the Dark and Toy Commander are Important

So many of you probably did not play these games. Putting it simply Alone in the Dark was the game which started the survival horror genre, period. Not Resident Evil. Not Silent Hill. Toy Commander was probably one of the best third person action games ever made. It never got popular but it certainly deserved it. If the two developers from those games can do anything that good again it should be amazing.

Following 2Dark

You can visit their developer blog here and take a look at their progress so far. We hope to hear more from them down the road as well.


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