2Dark Progress Continues - Disturbing Cuddles Abound

2Dark Rescued Children

2Dark Progress Continues – Cuddles Abound

We told you about 2Dark some time ago. However the game has seen significant development progress since then so we’ll be checking back in.

A Finished 2015 Trailer for 2Dark and More

As you can see the game has made great strides forward over development. Everything is looking quite polished and is even taking on a sort of gritty “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” look. You had to rescue survivors in that game as well.

2Dark Sylvia

2Dark is definitely not for kids. It certainly has some disturbing content.

2Dark at Base

Psychotic killers have kidnapped children near your home. Only you can stop disturbed women and crazy clowns before they take the children on a trip that may be a little too dark.

2Dark Music: Eerie yet Beautiful

We recently saw some blog posts about the music in the game. You can listen to a bit of it yourself right here. While darkly beautiful it’s very eerie and disconcerting. This is probably exactly what they want from the game.

2Dark Carnival

Carnivals and haunted houses are just a few of the spooky settings here.

Entering the 2Dark Beta

Right now you can get beta access right here. At the moment it’s redirecting to their main site which is in French site but you should be able to understand it well enough, at least the accept buttons. It costs $20.00 EUR at the moment but is probably worth it for those who love indie horror games.

2Dark and the Steam Workshop

Players who pay a bit extra will be able to access the voxel editor as well. This allows you to create your own characters. We hope that they pair this up with Steam Workshop. If they do then it could turn a good game into a great one.

2Dark Spooky Basement

Multiple levels of horror unfold in each massive stage.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on updates for the game as well. You can check the developer blog for more information if you are already excited about the title from a former Alone in the Dark developer.


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