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XBLA and the Indie Games Uprising III

It is easy to overlook segments of the indie market. But PC games are not the only market for indie developers. So we wanted to take a moment out to mention the XBLA developers. They are having their own Indie Games Uprising event.

XBLA Indie Games Uprising III

What is the Indie Uprising to XBLA/XBLIG gamers?

This will be an entire week of games being released from the 10th to the 20th. Each day a hot new indie game will come out for you. Each day you will get a new style to check out yourself. But let us move on to what the games will actually be.

The Indie Uprising for XBLA Games

The games in this bundle are wide and varied. You have everything from puzzle games to roguelikes. You can be sure that there will be something for you out of this event. But that is enough with the vagaries, let us get to the specifics:

  • Smudged Cat Games will be coming out with a colorful puzzle platformer called “Gateways.” You travel through space and time, and reality bends along the way.
  • Hermitgames is coming out with “Qrthphyl” which is an arcade “documentary” of games such as maze and snake. This game obviously has updated graphics, as you might expect.
  • Michael Hicks will be releasing “Sententia”, which is a very bizarre, metaphorical puzzle platformer.
  • Chris Zukowski will also be making his game debut with “City Tuesday” which has a very interesting premise. You are stuck in the final 5 minutes of your life before a terrorist attack. You must somehow escape this “Groundhog Day” scenario.
  • Tricktale is bringing you “Diehard Dungeon” which is a nice dungeon crawl of a game. There is some nice art on this one.
  • Gristmill Studios is bringing you “Xenominer”. This is an interesting action title, we are eager to see how the mining fits with the action.
  • Autotivity is bringing you “Entropy”. This is a mindbending 3D puzzle game in the spirit of portal. It has some truly engaging mechanics based on physics.
  • Ratchet Game Studios is bringing you the FPS/Puzzle Game “Pixel”. It appears to have some meaty content for those of you who like jumping puzzles.
  • Andreas Heydeck is bringing you the strategy/simulation game “Smooth Operators.” This is an interesting concept, as you must manage a call center.

The XBLA Indie Uprising III Coordinators and Extra Info

Michael Hicks and Dave Voyles will be coordinating the event. You can also check out their Twitter and Facebook. You can also check out their main site for more information.



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