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Noragami Review

Noragami is about a god named Yato that does not have a temple and has to do odd jobs to earn his way. This is also so that people will remember him and he will continue to exist. A human […]


Samurai Flamenco episode 21 – How am I supposed to love?

Samurai Flamenco episode 21 is about Flamenco learning about love. The final battle and the villain only became that way because the first thing he felt was for Samurai Flamenco. If Samurai Flamenco had not chosen peace Sawada might have […]


Noragami’s Anime Only Arc

Wrapping up the anime Noragami the story has strayed from the manga. This can be good or bad, in this case it appears to be neutral. After doing an amazing job depicting Yukine going through the ablution there is not […]


Samurai Flamenco episode 20 – All In Your Head

Samurai Flamenco episode 20 is about the middle school kid doing things to piss off Flamenco. The kid wants to be Samurai Flamenco’s personal nemesis. So when doing things to Flamenco does not get him the reaction he wants he […]


Space Dandy episode 10 – Calendar Battle

Space Dandy episode 10 is about the crew going back to Meow’s home planet and staying with his family. Meow is not very enthusiastic to begin with. Dandy and Meow’s family bring up his past and make Meow think about […]