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Steampunk Infantry Kickstarter Spotlight

Once again we’re bringing tabletop enthusiasts another Kickstarter. Now we’re going to cover a Steampunk Infantry product from Zinge Industries and Curious Constructs. Advanced big guns that still have a WW2 feel to them are the order of the day […]


The Lost Territories Kickstarter Spotlight

A Kickstarter for The Lost Territories is on now. The game promises a unique character creation engine along with an interesting and dynamic RPG world. Can they deliver? Well…. The Lost Territories Have No Elves They had us there then […]


Boston Festival of Indie Games Subissions Open

The Boston Festival of Indie Games takes entries from video games, tabletop games and even artists who want to be featured. Instead of just focusing on one aspect of the industry it’s kind of like a hot-pot of some of […]


Space Station Terrain Kickstarter Spotlight

The developers at JR Miniatures are focusing on the Space Station Terrain aspect of their Kickstarter. So we will too. We’ve been focusing on anime and gaming lately so now it’s time for some tabletop attention once again.  A Space […]


Mutant Chronicles Kickstarter Spotlight

Mutant Chronicles is a lesser known RPG with a very interesting background and is getting an update through Kickstarter. We think it is worth thinking outside of the box when it comes to nerdy things so we are going to […]