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Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 – Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 begins by introducing Ami as a smart student that is not very friendly. She is the star of the new cram school Crystal Seminar. The seminar uses a special crystal disk with the students that […]


Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 – Let’s Challenge

Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 is about Kirito finally making it into Gun Gale Online. Kirito’s converted character has a rare character design that looks female. This causes a lot of the men in game to hit on him […]


Sword Art Online 2 episode 3 – A Sniper Who is Afraid of Guns

Sword Art Online 2 episode 3 is mostly focused on learning about Sinon outside of the game. In real life Sinon is bullied and her bullies take advantage of her strong fear of guns to easily scare her. Just pointing […]


Akame ga Kill First Impressions

Akame ga Kill is about a boy named Tatsumi that is coming to the capital city to get money for his village. He starts out with two other members from his village, but becomes separated from them in the course […]


Glasslip First Impressions

Glasslip is an anime that I had heard was supposed to be about glass in some way. The first episode does not show much evidence of that since except for one section where a character is making glass, it is […]