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UemeU Spotlight

Somewhere between an FPS level creator and Gmod lies Uemeu. You design levels in a flexible editor starting at a simple wire frame. Then you enjoy your levels with a variety of activities. We love games like this that let […]


Elliot Quest Kickstarter Spotlight

Elliot Quest is a spiritual successor to Zelda 2, of all games. With updated gameplay and retro visuals this indie project is shaping up nicely. The Selling Point of Elliot Quest: Gameplay The main problem people had with Zelda 2 […]


Exploring the Steam Greenlight Push

Today we’re going to talk about something we’re calling the Steam Greenlight Push. This trend is redefining how indie developers set up their games and even bundles.  Whether you are a gamer or a developer this is a trend to […]


Forge Quest Steam Greenlight News

The Forge Quest Steam Greenlight page has been put up. We want to go over the game as we have in the past and talk about why you might be interested. The Forge Quest Steam Greenlight Edition Gameplay As far […]