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On the New, Useless Steam Tags

The Steam Tags system was recently released and already needs to be fixed. There are many good reasons for this that we want to go over with you so think about them yourself. #1 Fan Tagging, Uselessness and Noel’s Armpits […]


Epigenesis Event Announced

Epigenesis is one of the many FPS sport games that have found their way on to Steam since Monday Night Combat. Why is it worth talking about? Because the developers are having tournaments before the game has been released. It […]


KAG Review

KAG is coming to Steam soon. Very soon in fact. In fact this is happening on October 26th. We’ve been informed that it’s actually pretty much done. They’re just polishing up a few things for the full release on Steam […]


Steam Machines Information and Editorial

We were waiting until Steam fully released their plans on their hardware and now they have. Now it’s time for us all to think about what this means for Valve and the industry. The Steam Machines Themselves As we had […]


Steam Game Borrowing and Cards on the Horizon

Article first published as Steam Game Borrowing and Cards on the Horizon on Technorati. The popular game delivery service Steam is making some big changes. They are currently in a trading card beta and there are many rumors of them […]