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The Cosmos is MINE! Early Access Preview

The Cosmos is MINE! puts you in the role of a galactic prospector, out to strip the universe of all resources. Without out-mining and sometimes out-fighting your opponents you won’t be able to make an honest, or dishonest, living off […]


Legends of Eisenwald Early Access Preview

Legends of Eisenwald attempts to bring the gameplay style of Heroes of Might and Magic with the accessibility of Steam Workshop.     Traditional Turn-Based Gameplay For those familiar with grid-based RPG systems it’s much the same with this game. […]


Resident Evil 1 HD Remaster Released

An HD remake of Resident Evil 1 was released Tuesday. For those unfamiliar with this version it’s an updated version of the Gamecube re-imagining. Updated Graphics for Resident Evil 1 HD Remaster For those who played the original the gameplay is […]


KAMUI and ALLTYNEX Second Released on Steam

Two excellent shooters were recently released on Steam from Nyu Media. We talked about them in-depth in our earlier article. So today we’ll discuss the new release and additions to these games. Leaderboard, Cloud Saving and Achievements Perhaps the biggest […]


Resident Evil 4 Re-released

Resident Evil 4 has been re-released on Steam and other outlets. We are going to go over it for you because A. we still like Capcom and B. we can wax poetic about whether classic games being re-released is good […]