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AKB0048 Episode 8

AKB0048 episode 8 has a sadder, darker tone than most of the episodes. AKB0048 episode 8 is really trying to make sure there is no doubt that people know the 76th generation of understudies are not nice. Apparently they have […]


Kids on the Slope and Romance

Kids on the Slope presents the sad case where the two males have a more romantic relationship than the real love interest of the series. Ritsuko – The Villian of Kids on the Slope In Kids on the Slope Ritsuko […]


AKB0048 Episode 7

In AKB0048 episode 7 we finally get to see the 76th generation of understudies. Unfortunately AKB0048 episode 7 also reveals the  76th generation is full of bitches. I guess that is why they never showed them off before. Looking at […]


AKB0048 episode 6

In AKB0048 episode 6, we get to learn about the benefits of haters and finally the return of  weird weapons and mechs. The girls are finally having their debut at a handshaking event in AKB0048 Episode 6. They are all […]


Pacing in Anime: Quality vs. Time

Pacing in anime is very important and this season is a great example of how important it is. Unfortunately things go against having the best pacing like how long the series is going to be and how much source material […]