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AKB0048 episode 10

AKB0048 episode 10 is a beach episode where they have a gravure photo shoot of all the girls. AKB0048 episode 10 explores another issue that idols would have, this time it is about body image. It is time for the […]


Kids on the Slope Review

Kids on the Slope has all the ups and downs that are characteristic of adolescence. It has the beauty of being young and coming of age as well as the pain. While it has a lot of drama and relationship […]


AKB0048 Episode 9 – They are going to rock your bread line

In AKB0048 episode 9 the idol group is putting on a concert. This planet has an entertainment ban and Tsubasa is trying to figure out at plan for confusing DES. Luckily, the 77th generation give her an idea. A major […]


Why Tsuritama isn’t the best show this season

Tsuritama has received so much praise about the characters, the way they made an old concept new, and many other things. I think much of that praise is undeserved. Tsuritama did very well with the characterization of a couple characters […]


Fate Zero Season 2 and Overall Review

Fate Zero Season 2 focused more on weeding out characters fairly quickly to get to the final battle in 12 episodes. Unfortunately with all the characters that were still around that meant that there were deaths almost every episode and […]