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Steam Holiday Sale 2012 Picks So Far

The Steam Holiday Sale is on now and is huge. In this article we just want to go over a few of our favorite picks for games to buy on the Steam Holiday Sale 2012. Getting the Steam Holiday Sale […]


Chibi-robo – games to replay edition #1

Chibi-Robo will be the first in a new segment we like to call “games to replay”. We’ll be going over some of the best games of all time. If you missed them, go play them now. If you didn’t, go […]


Lazy Brain Games Developer Spotlight

We live in a great era when even very small developers can get funding and make amazing games. Lazy Brain Games is one of these developers. On the opposite end, we are in an era where DLC is rampant and […]


Rich Make Game Developer Spotlight

Some of you may wonder who Rich Edwards is, but if you have been involved with Ludum Dare you have probably already seen his game. But there is more to Rich Make Game than that. Rich Edwards runs his own […]


Ludum Dare Favorite Games

While many of us enjoyed Notch’s stream of creating his game and playing the game itself, it was not the only game made that weekend.  Ludum Dare had many indie game developers making games and here are some of our […]