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Black Knight Sword Preview

Black Knight Sword from Suda 51 lies somewhere between Madoka Magica and a fever dream. You play a dark-clad knight fighting a variety of nightmarish creatures in environments ranging from horrific to comical. General information on Black Knight Sword The […]


Planetside 2 Beta

The Planetside 2 crew is starting their next wave of beta invites. They have also started  a serious media blitz for the game. Community events are starting up all over to promote the game. The Planetside 2 Beta Events Apparently […]


Guild Wars 2 Preview

If you are looking for Guild Wars 1, it is not here. For better or worse it has been replaced with an MMO style format in Guild Wars 2. The grand, sweeping story is not so grand nor sweeping this […]


Tribes: Ascend Preview

Tribes: Ascend is the upcoming FPS entry from Hi-Rez studios. It’s already generating a lot of buzz in the free-to-play community. Tribes: Ascend has much more in common than Tribes 2 than one. Those who played the second one should […]


Street Fighter X Tekken: Mech Zangief revealed, release dates

Capcom has revealed more videos for Street Fighter X Tekken and a release date. These are probably their most cryptic teasers so far, and we  are still trying to decipher them. The first big reveal is the gem system which […]