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Endless Legend Preview

We’ve announced Endless Legend for you several times but only recently have we gone into it in-depth. So far the game has proven itself remarkably fun and varied in storyline as well as gameplay. Endless Legend and Gameplay The game […]


Block Story Preview

Block Story has come a long way from their roots. They were once a small game showing up in bundles to mixed reactions. Now they have made it through Steam Greenlight with a much more polished style. Part Minecraft, part […]


Tabletop Simulator Preview

Lately we’ve had a burst of very silly and fun simulator games. Now Goat Simulator has a real rival in Tabletop Simulator. It’s time to freestyle your orcs into a chess fortress as the dominoes topple all around. That’s what […]


Insurgency Preview

Insurgency is finally getting a stand-alone version. Come find out more about this upcoming game with us. What was Insurgency? Insurgency was one of the best HL2 Multiplayer mods out there. It had incredible realism, only equaled never topped. But […]


Kenshi Preview

Today we want to go over Kenshi. It is an RPG/squad gaming hybrid with a sandbox environment. We think this game shows some serious promise. As usual these screens are from a work in progress, and will likely look better […]