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Team17 Developers Launch Birthday Celebration

Team17 first started developing games in 1990 and now the team is throwing a birthday celebration. From their big day today (the 7th of December) throughout the month they will be offering sales of up to 80% on their games. […]


The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare Preview – Toyetic

Would you like to see an evolution of the traditional “Army Men” gameplay? Well then we have a game for you. The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare attempts to reinvent the classic formula.  Modern, Plastic Warfare If you ever played Army […]


Van Helsing: Final Cut Review – Sharp Gameplay

Van Helsing: Final Cut is a hack-and-slash RPG title which has seen many different versions over a few short years. This game is the final, fully polished product that came from this cycle. Van Helsing: Final Cut and Massive Content […]


Endless Legend Receives Steam Workshop Update

Endless Legend now has Steam Workshop integration. It’s an amazing new start for the game. Endless Legend and the Forges of Creation We’re going to break down a massive list of the additional and free content for you: Valete Sapiri […]


Mayan Death Robots Review – Godly Gameplay

Mayan Death Robots stars two robots fighting for the fate of the Mayans and also for huge ratings on space television. An exciting setting comes with even better gameplay. Intergalactic Gameshows and Super Robots Being a Mayan Death Robot can […]