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SUPERHOT Kickstarter Spotlight

SUPERHOT (yes, all caps is how the devs put it) is a Kickstarter game that has seen instant success. There are some good reasons why this interesting take on the first person shooter stands out and why they became so […]


Space Station Terrain Kickstarter Spotlight

The developers at JR Miniatures are focusing on the Space Station Terrain aspect of their Kickstarter. So we will too. We’ve been focusing on anime and gaming lately so now it’s time for some tabletop attention once again.  A Space […]


Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians Kickstarter

It seems that all the old developers who made some great games are making new ones. Yasumi Matsuno of Vagrant Story is heading up a new design team. If you aren’t interested after that then we don’t know what to […]


Wayward Terran Frontier Kickstarter Spotlight

Wayward Terran Frontier is a new game coming in the style of Star Control 2 and to some extent, Space Pirates and Zombies. The main feature that drew our interest is that multiplayer is going to be a big part […]