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InSomnia Spotlight

What happens when your crowdfunding doesn’t succeed? Well you try it again. Insomnia is going to relaunch their Kickstarter on the 23rd and they are on Steam Greenlight. InSomnia and a Dieselpunk Setting The game takes place in a massive […]


The Shadow Over Westminister Kickstarter Spotlight

The Shadow Over Westminister is a cooperative card game set in modern London. Players have to share information and artifacts in order to banish powerful monsters that have invaded their world. They want to add additional combos to this genre […]


Shiness Kickstarter Spotlight

Shiness has just reached the first funding goal in the last week. They’re attempting to make another epic JRPG in an era that has been sorely lacking in them. The Shiness Story The game centers on Cado and Poky who […]


Project Stealth Kickstarter Spotlight

Some of you may have gotten to play a few of the great multiplayer modes in the earlier Splinter Cell games. They had stealth specialists sneaking around and trying to avoid other players with some large guns. Project Stealth is […]


Contested Space Prototype Released for Everyone

Both the creator of and the fans of Contested Space are engaging in something very extreme to get to the final funding they need. The fans have agreed to let everyone try out an open prototype to draw more people […]