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K episode 13 – Deaths Fit For Kings

K episode 13 is the conclusion to this tale of kings. Unfortunately it leaves way too many loose ends behind. The relationship between Munakata and Suoh is sweet right until the end. I like the way that Munakata talked about […]


K episode 12 – Behind the Kings: A Lackey Story

K episode 12 focuses on the evacuation of the students and the Silver King trying to get back up to deal with the Colorless King. Even the twist has a twist since the colorless king did not just take over […]


K episode 11 – No Blood! No Bone! No Ash!

K episode 11 is mostly about the battle between Suoh, Munakata, and Shiro. At the end they reveal that Shiro is not the colorless king, but in fact the Silver King. Munakata gets stabbed and has the cleanest stab would […]


K episode 10 – Sad Boys In Snow

In K episode 10, HOMRA has taken over the Ashinaka High School in order to find Shiro. Scepter 4 surrounds the school after hearing about HOMRA taking over the school. Shiro and his group decide to help their schoolmates with […]


K episode 9 – The Origin

After the last episode’s lack of anything, K episode 9 had a lot going on from the origin of the king powers to the Red King breaking out of custody. Things are really starting to ramp up. Now the Silver […]