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Bundle Stars Hacker Bundle

Many of you may have one piece or another of the Hacker Bundle. It contains the full collection of a series called Hacker Evolution. For those who are interested in actually get the full story the bundle is on now. […]


The Bundle Stars Underground Bundle

Some quite popular and innovative Indy games are in the new Bundle Stars Underground Bundle. We have a brief but useful rundown of what is in it and why packages like this are important for developers. The Underground Bundle Games […]


Gunscape Kickstarter Spotlight

Making an FPS level is a lot of fun if you have ever done so. However it can get a bit confusing and difficult in some programs. Gunscape is a new program where the players make the content quickly and […]


FMOD Goes Free

FMOD has now gone free for indie developers. We’re going to talk about what this means, where you can get it and why we may see more companies doing this. At any rate it’s nice to have another useful tool […]


CoinRPG Spotlight

Many of you have heard of Bitcoin. Now the currency has gotten so popular they are making games around it. CoinRPG is one of these early games. Obviously, in real life you can buy bitcoin, however, this game is basically […]