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Airships Spotlight

We recently noticed a game called Airships that they have an early access program with a different approach. We’ll go over what that is and why it caught our eye a bit later. Despite not going down the normal development […]


Nyu Media Announces May Greenlight Slate

As they have done in the past Nyu Media has announced their newest lineup. This one is being called the “May Greenlight Slate” and has some titles which we have gone over previously. They are finally making their way onto […]


Contested Space Kickstarter Spotlight

Contested Space happens when you take Minecraft and smash it into a persistent universe. Battles play out across a campaign map where each player attempts to grab land in a galactic conflict. We chose to cover this one for a […]


Pirate Bay Bundle… Released?

The Pirate Bay Bundle is a collection of around 101 small indie games that have been overlooked by the media. Or to be more accurate it’s all of them in a torrent package. If you are new to the world […]


Hover Spotlight

Hover bills itself as being between Jet Set Radio and Mirror’s Edge. However from what we have seen so far this game is between Mirror’s Edge and Tony Hawk. With the composer of Jet Set Radio on board and some […]