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Developing Gaming Bonuses

Gaming bonuses have changed the entire industry, and even classic games like Magic: The Gathering now have mtga codes to unlock extras with the digital version of the game. Whether you love or hate them they alter how much people […]


Soda Drinker Pro Shuts Down Kickstarter

The Soda Drinker Pro and Vivian Clark team members have shut down their Kickstarter but are giving their promotional bonuses away for free. The Soda Drinker Pro and Vivian Clark Deal According to a press release that those who subscribe […]


Kidnapped Steam Greenlight Spotlight

Kidnapped is a game from a new studio known as “Deceptive Games”. They are brand new and want to get feedback from those on Steam Greenlight for their new game. They have some interesting designs so far so we are […]


Studies Show Oculus Rift is a Hit with Kids

A new study from Dubit has stated that kids really love the Oculus Rift. Why not since it has bright colors and novelty. What this Means for Most of Us Now the project so many nerds were upset over when […]


InSomnia Spotlight

What happens when your crowdfunding doesn’t succeed? Well you try it again. Insomnia is going to relaunch their Kickstarter on the 23rd and they are on Steam Greenlight. InSomnia and a Dieselpunk Setting The game takes place in a massive […]