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Gigantic Army Released and Greenlit

Are you tired of platformers that hold your hand and are beaten in one day of gameplay? Most people aren’t even though we are. That’s why Gigantic Army is a breath of fresh air. It is a platformer that plays […]


StarCrawlers Spotlight

A very long time ago first-person RPG games were all the rage. Many of the games we have today, including “The Elder Scrolls” got famous with games like those.  Today we rarely see them so they are worth noticing. StarCrawlers […]


Taking a Look at Concursion

Concursion seeks to combine five different genres into wildly varying gameplay. Many games have mashed genres before but rarely have so many been thrown together. Overall the concept is novel so we want to take a look at it with […]


KS Double Feature – Wild Season

Wild Season is a game in the Harvest Moon genre and style that is trying to evolve the overall formula from relationships to side events. We think it looks fun so it’s good enough to be in the double feature. […]


Darkout Review

Darkout is the latest release of games along the Terraria theme. They had the guts, or perhaps poor fortune, to be released at the same time as the StarBound beta. Is it a strong enough contender in this now crowded […]