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The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare Preview – Toyetic

Would you like to see an evolution of the traditional “Army Men” gameplay? Well then we have a game for you. The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare attempts to reinvent the classic formula.  Modern, Plastic Warfare If you ever played Army […]


Krosmaster Arena Review – Solid Wakfu Tactics

Krosmaster Arena is a turn-based strategy game with adorable “chibi” characters from Wakfu. Krosmaster Arena and a Surprisingly Deep System Factions, buffs and debuffs are all in the game and each character has different options in that area. There are […]


Van Helsing: Final Cut Review – Sharp Gameplay

Van Helsing: Final Cut is a hack-and-slash RPG title which has seen many different versions over a few short years. This game is the final, fully polished product that came from this cycle. Van Helsing: Final Cut and Massive Content […]


Valhalla Hills Review – Chasing Viking Paradise

Valhalla Hills is a civilization builder where Vikings must build their way to Valhalla. Only those with great deeds will make it to the glorious afterlife. Breathtaking Landscapes Abound in Valhalla Hills Sometimes it’s enjoyable just to sit back and […]


EPSILON Early Access Preview – Tacti-Cool

EPSILON attempts to bring tactical planning into the world of squad-based FPS games. So far this game looks quite promising due to one word: Planning. EPSILON Planning What sets this game apart is the planning stage. It’s similar to the […]