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Major League Gaming – how it changes the industry

Major League Gaming has come under fire recently by many people in the community. In this article we will be exploring how Major League Gaming has changed the gaming scene. This will be a neutral article, exploring the good and […]


Android Top 5 Games: an exploration

This is going to be a bit of a different article. I recently took a minute to look at some of the more popular Android games in November. Some thanks to the people at Qualityindex.com for this information. I will […]


Bundle Stars releases the Dynamite Bundle

Yet another bundle has come around. Bundlestars.com is one of the newest sites to get in on bundles. We will be going over the bundle itself and this new site. What is Bundle Stars? Bundle Stars is run by Focus Multimedia. […]


Call of Duty: Black Ops II Editorial

Yes so, Call of Duty Black Ops II is king of games once again. And I could not possibly be more annoyed about this. No matter what the subculture of gaming writes. No matter what we do, none of it […]


Hero Engine gets special trees – Editorial

For years the Hero Engine has been the go-to choice for MMO developers. Why? Because it works in the most rudimentary sense. A new edition is going to feature realistic trees. We’ll go over what some of this means for […]