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Sonic Boom Info and Impressions

Sonic Boom is yet another restart for a series that has been struggling to stay relevant for years. The other restarts didn’t make it the top game in the industry so they are going to continue restarting. SEGA clearly ascribes […]


Infestation: Survivor Stories Still Exists

Somehow Infestation: Survivor Stories is still around.  The game that has been critically panned since it was “The War Z” is still alive and is adding new content. Despite showers of negative reviews from metacritic to major sites they are […]


Casual Games Association Spotlight

We were only vaguely aware that there was a Casual Games Association. Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at what they do. The Casual Games Association Surface On the surface their goal is simply to put casual games […]


Dragon’s Crown Sexism Editorial

Today I am going to bring you an editorial on all the cries of sexism directed at Dragon’s Crown. I’m going to explore how I feel about the issue with you. Starting with: Dragon’s Crown Sexism was Never Intended The […]


Gas Powered Games Fails -an Editorial Lesson

Gas Powered Games has had their Kickstarter fail or more accurately be cancelled because it was going to fail. They were recently acquired by “Wargaming.net” who made world of tanks. In this article we want to explore the myriad reasons […]