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Resident Evil 1 HD Remaster Released

An HD remake of Resident Evil 1 was released Tuesday. For those unfamiliar with this version it’s an updated version of the Gamecube re-imagining. Updated Graphics for Resident Evil 1 HD Remaster For those who played the original the gameplay is […]


Dead Rising 3 This Name is Too Long Edition Announced

The full name is Super Ultra Dead Rising 3′ Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α. And it has a new launch trailer with costumes for pretty much everyone. It appears to be an additional mode in Dead Rising 3 […]


Capcom Reveals E3 2014 Lineup

Capcom is letting everyone know early what their lineup is going to be and we’ll go over each game briefly for you. The Capcom E3 2014 Lineup Dead Rising 3 for PC has been announced. The somewhat more chaotic take […]


Capcom Pro Tour Announced

The Capcom Pro Tour is a big event where the company has teamed up with Twitch. They are going to be streaming a huge number of games for Street Fighter 4 in this area. So stay with us to find […]


Resident Evil 4 Re-released

Resident Evil 4 has been re-released on Steam and other outlets. We are going to go over it for you because A. we still like Capcom and B. we can wax poetic about whether classic games being re-released is good […]