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StarDrive Review

We want to bring you information on every section of the game in our StarDrive Review.


The Depth

One thing we want to focus on is the depth that this game offers. From designing your race to your fleet you have tremendous flexibility. In fact when building your race it uses a flaw/perk system seen in many good RPG games. You can take some negatives such as a polluted or small planet to gain benefits in other area.

Even each individual planet has things for you to discover throughout the game. There are also wide swathes of space to explore with their own inhabitants and individual planets. Depth is very important for most fans of this genre and this game has it in spades. If you are a hardcore fan of the genre this is a great choice.

The Combat

The combat in StarDrive is good but not revolutionary. It borrows from many other similar games although it does have the innovative arcade style as well. However it does score some points for the wide variety of configurations you can put your ships in.


The Art

One thing we noticed while writing this StarDrive review was that the art is spectacular. The race art is excellent. The planets look realistic and the ships are quite sleek and stylish. We love the 2D style of this game overall and it looks great in pretty much every area.


StarDrive Needs Some Polish

Unfortunately StarDrive suffers from small team syndrome as many games do. While it has a ton of great concepts implemented not all of them are as polished as they should be. All the competitors to this game had the same problem, from Sins of a Solar Empire to Endless Space. The various random events and sub-races to be found in the game are not all well fleshed out. We expect this to improve over time. The story could also use some additional depth.

Why Writing this StarDrive Review was Difficult

The development community is very active for this game and listens to feedback. They also give out frequent patches. In our opinion the game is going to end up at a state where we could give it a 4.5 out of 5 at the end.  Unfortunately right now some issues with polish and optimization are keeping it from true greatness. While many fans have been quick to point out these previous facts we have a duty to tell you how it is at this moment. Let us know if you would like it reviewed again later down the road.

Final Verdict 3.5/5 Above Average- While certainly not the first 4X space game this one is probably the best offering in 2D we have seen in the modern era. 2D is sadly underused in games like this which we think is a shame due to how good older games such as Star Control were. As such we greatly enjoyed the game for it. However it is far from perfect as quite a few of the side features need to be worked on so bear that in mind. If you enjoyed our StarDrive review be sure to check out their Steam page.

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