Lumo Preview – A Nostalgic Evolution

Lumo contains a world where genres smash into each other to create a new narrative. Come explore that world with us for a bit. Lumo and Isometric Gameplay A few of you remember the game Landstalker. It was one of […]


Avalon Lords Dawn Rises Early Access Preview

Avalon Lords Dawn Rises mixes an epic scale with some classic RTS elements. Is this game the evolution of RTS gaming we’ve been looking for?   Avalon Lords Dawn Rises and Massive Maps Huge maps are the main drawing point […]


WOLFLAME Review – Animated Art

WOLFLAME love the “Shoot Em’ Up” genre and wanted to try their own hand at a game like the legendary “Raiden”. We think they brought an interesting twist to it. Addressing the Name WOLFLAME As far as we know it’s supposed […]


ZHEROS Review – Astonishingly Average

ZHEROS attempts to bring a wacky, space-themed setup to the Beat Em’ Up genre. So far the game has been polarizing for fans and we’re going to explain to you why. Mech Suits: The Best Part of the Game By […]


Operation Supply Drop Partners with the Joint Forces Initiative

Operation Supply Drop (OSD) and the Joint Forces Initiative (JFI) are bringing Pro vs. GI Joe competitions for the troops. Professional Soldiers face Professional athletes at each event. The “Pro vs. Joe” Event Some of you may find the term […]