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Heroes of Video Game Music Spotlight

Everyone knows that music is one of the most important parts of the truly great games. Now some of the greats are doing a Kickstarter to focus exclusively on the music aspect of gaming. The Heroes of Video Game Music Kickstarter is on now and has some big names.

The Names of the Heroes of Video Game Music Kickstarter

So we promised you some big names so here they are:

  • Alexander Barron of Deus Ex and Skyrim
  • Robin Beanland of Donkey Kong Country and GoldenEye 007
  • Tim Wright of WipEout and Lemmings

And many more. We want to save some surprise for later on their Kickstarter. They will be a part of making a new album. We were wondering how they all got together, it turns out the event is sponsored by DOLBY. While it’s certainly an impressive lineup you would think DOLBY has ample funds regardless.

Heroes of Video Game Music Rik Ede

Supporting the Heroes of Video Game Music Kickstarter

The first thing you will notice upon going to the page is that Rik Ede has the most interesting hair in gaming. Let us hope that translates to an equally interesting album.We kid because he’s a man who has over 20 years of experience all over the industry, and a resume twelve times the size of an average person. Those who support the Kickstarter will receive digital downloads or even DVD versions of this project. Those who contribute significant amounts can get some much more impressive rewards. Those who donate quite a bit more can meet the producers themselves and get signed memorabilia.

A Question

Those who donate a tremendous amount can even mix their own track for the album. Personally we’re excited to see how it goes. Video game music has long been appreciated by fans but barely get noticed in the mainstream. However we want to leave you with one thing, do we want it going mainstream?





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