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Army Builder Review

Army Builder from Lone Wolf Development has been one of the most popular programs in the industry for years.

An Overview of Army Builder

For years now Army Builder has delivered robust data sets along with ease of use for those who enjoy Tabletop gaming. All of this comes with an easy interface that automatically totals your points for you.

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The Positive Features of Army Builder

This program has a great many options for you to choose from. Here are just a few:

  • Easy selection of squads and items with a few clicks
  • Detailed stats for all units in every available game
  • Custom author tools to create your own data sets
  • Regular updates to the system
  • A full-year license with one purchase at a low cost
  • A multi-game setup that lets you build lists for all your armies
  • Automatic calculations for all of your armies

The Negatives of Army Builder

Nothing is perfect however this system gets very close. Here are a few nit-picky things that we noticed:

  • Data files are updated about a month after a new book comes out so for example I could not use this to make my sixth edition Tau list without creating a new data file.
  • Yearly installments mean that you will have to pay a bit more when the license is up. However you can get a discount on this.
  • There are minor bugs here and there in the system

Where to Buy Army Builder

Right now you can demo and then buy this system at the main site of Wolf Lair. They let you test it out for a bit but you do not get all the features in the trial. Still it is a great way to find out for yourself whether it is right for you.

Final Verdict 5/5 Amazing – With an incredible selection of options and easy interface this system delivers everything you could want in an army building program. It also offers this around a wide variety of games from 40K to War Machine. On top of that they regularly update data files so that you don’t usually have to fiddle with the Army Builder files themselves.

So why does this software get a perfect score when there are some negatives? Because the negatives are not significant enough to detract from the overall package. We have looked and not found a better package with this type of software anywhere in the industry. Only a few get close and they do not have the same easy interface as Army Builder. It really has no strong competitors at this point in time.


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