Weird anime merchandise - Yummy but strange


Weird anime merchandise

Just about any show will have tons of  anime merchandise with the characters faces plastered on shirts, panties, keychains, plushies, and figures. There are even glasses like the characters in anime to buy with prescription lenses.  Sometimes the goods get a bit stranger though and don’t make much sense.

Evangelion Cake anime merchandise

Food is a special kind of anime merchandise, but it is only appropriate for shows with a lot of food otherwise it can be creepy. Last year there were Evangelion Christmas cakes. Not only did the cake look like it was bleeding inside and out, but it was just a dome. It was supposed to look like a core, but that is kinda stretching to make a dome mean something. It appears the only reason to buy the cake is really to have the figure of Asuka that came with it. Why not just sell a regular cake with the figure as a bonus?

Not into Evangelion food? Then how about tofu shaped like a Zaku head? What happened to the rest of the body? Did someone already eat it? It even comes with a spoon shaped like the Zaku’s signature weapon. Was there really a demand for this? I can safely say that I never looked at a Zaku and thought it would be tasty made out of tofu.  I guess the spoon would be the draw on this one.

Zaku Head Tofu

Recently a theme park in Japan started a theme menu for Polar Bear’s Cafe which makes a lot more sense since the show is mostly at a cafe. The anime tie-in food has to do with the food shown in the show. I just wish that with the parfaits they have stuck closer to some of the originals like the polar bear ice cream is now panda bear ice cream. They really favored panda with a majority of the items having his face on them. Point is that with a show about food there is a reason to have food anime merchandise the fans either want to see the food like with Polar Bear’s Cafe or want to try the kind of food the characters made in the show.

Food isn’t the only weird anime merchandise out there. Upotte came out this season and is about girls that are guns. Not have guns but are guns. So they are selling Swiss Army Knives with logos and gun models from the show. Now why knives? Even if they show the girls using knives on the show I doubt it leaves so much of an impression that people wouldn’t rather have a gun. The show is about guns and the girls are all excellent marksmen. Why not a pretend gun the style of one of the girls with a picture of her on it?

These are just some strange items I saw recently, but there are many more pieces of anime merchandise that are different than the norm. Makes me wonder if they sell very well.


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